Who provides the LRS?

The Butler County Bar Association (BCBA) is a non-profit organization that provides this referral service for the benefit of our lawyer members and for the community. Our lawyer referral service directs you to one of our members who may help you. The LRS has been reviewed and approved by the Ohio Supreme Court.

Who are the LRS lawyers?

The lawyers do not work for the BCBA but maintain offices in or near the Butler County area. The lawyers certify with the BCBA that they are competent, qualified, and willing to handle the legal matters of the referrals they accept through the LRS. In addition, the Ohio Supreme Court verifies the lawyers have licenses in good standing to practice law in Ohio. Still, you should ask questions about the lawyer’s experience and skills at the consultation before hiring the lawyer for your specific case.

What is the fee for the LRS?

The BCBA referral service is offered to the Butler County community at no charge, however, the referred lawyers have agreed to charge a discounted fee of $50 to meet with you for up to 30 minutes. The referred lawyer will discuss the fees you should expect if hired for their services beyond the consultation.

What do I do once I have the name of the referred lawyer?

You will talk to the lawyer's staff, schedule an appointment, and pay a consultation fee either upon scheduling of the consultation and/or when you meet the lawyer. Please be sure to inquire on what the consultation fee will be and when it will need to be paid upon contacting the referred attorney’s office.

What if the referred lawyer decides not to meet with me or represent me?

The lawyers we refer to you may for various reasons decline to meet with you or represent you. Please contact the BCBA office or submit another request online for an additional referral.