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  1. Organizes and plans alternative dispute resolutions.

  2. Interviews and screens local Ohio bar applicants.

  3. Manages and directs charitable work and services.

  4. Provides experienced past and present members with a regular opportunity to meet, fellowship, mentor, and engage in such other activities as will preserve our history and promote camaraderie and friendship among our profession.

  5. Serves as a liaison with the BC Common Pleas Clerk of Courts for suggested improvements and additional services.

  6. Serves as a liaison with the judges for suggested amendments and updates to the rules of all divisions of the BC Common Pleas Court and 12th District Court.

  7. Holds fee arbitration hearings when both parties agree or referred by the Certified Grievance/Ethics Committee.

  8. Approves and presents seminars of interest to members, coordinated as needed with Practice Sections.

  9. Sets policies and rules, enforces these policies and rules, markets the service, and administers service for members, consistent with the Ohio Supreme Court requirements for operating a referral service.

  10. Seeks out and recommends ideas to retain/recruit members, provide appropriate member benefits and group rates in the areas of insurance, travel discounts, and equipment.

  11. Promotes a mock trial program with local participating schools.

  12. Ensure Butler County Notaries Public follow the authority of Butler County Common Pleas Court Local Rule 3.10 and appropriate statues of the Ohio Revised Code.

  13. Plans and coordinates appropriate memorials, scholarships, and any other activities as directed by the President. Makes Board approved public statements.

  14. Plans variety of social events for members.

  15. Assists and recommends office operations and services improvements for the benefit of members.

  16. Holds hearings on the unauthorized practice of law when directed by the Board or Certified Grievance/Ethics Committee.

  17. Plans and organizes educational and social activities for members licensed less than ten years.